This Week in Physics (Nov 22-24)

 In Physics

Dear Parents and students,

It is time to start working on the Science Fair and Stem Fest.  Students must choose their topic or Stem challenge and begin their research this week.  You can find all the information for the Science Fair and the Stem Fest here:

Here is our class schedule for this week:

Begin Science Fair Background Research

8.1 Torque
Torque Worksheet. Show your work. Answers are given.

8.2 Angular Momentum
Angular Momentum Worksheet. Answers are provided. Show all work on how you get there.
If this is too complicated, you may use the Alternative assignment:
Explain each step. What is happening?

A few definitions that may help:
L=angular momentum
I=rotational inertia
w=angular velocity
KE= Kinetic Energy
KE = 1/2 M v2
(odd looking) T= tangential force

San Tan’s annual Gifted Testing event is approaching quickly! 

If you are interested in having your child tested for giftedness, please complete the digital Parent Request Form, along with the $50 Co-Pay, linked below.  Gifted testing is will be offered in mid. February.   Once a child is identified as gifted, they do not need to retest.  Gifted testing will begin in mid- February.

  • If your child is currently in a gifted class and identified as ‘provisional’ they will automatically be retested, you do not need to send in the recommendation form. : -)
  • Gifted Testing Requests are due no later than January 12th of 2022.
  • Digital Parent Request & Payment:  Click Here


Instructional videos for each day are found in your CK-12 reading.
All Practices must be completed with at least 80% mastery to be accepted.
All work is due Friday by 3:30PM


I would love to hear any feedback or questions you or your student may have.  Feel free to contact me via email at any time.

Thank you again for sharing your wonderful student with us this year,

Chris Newton
San Tan Charter High School