This Week in Physics (May 23-27)

 In Physics

Dear Parents and students,

The last week of school!  The students have been such a blast to work with this year.  I am very proud of them and all their hard work and great attitudes.  We have the Final Exam this week.  And then we will say our goodbyes for the summer.

Here is our class schedule for this week:


Notes and Practice: 19.6  Transformers
Workbook 19.4

Notes and Practice: 20.1  Fundamental Particles
20.2  Atomic Forces
Workbook 24.1

Game Day

Last day​


Instructional videos for each day are found in your CK-12 reading.
All Practices must be completed with at least 80% mastery to be accepted.
All work is due Friday by 3:30PM


I would love to hear any feedback or questions you or your student may have.  Feel free to contact me via email at any time.

Thank you again for sharing your wonderful student with us this year,

Chris Newton
San Tan Charter High School