This Week in Aviation (April 26-30)

 In Intro to Aviation

Dear Parents and students,

We are now entering the final stretch of the year.  Only 4 weeks left!  But this also means that students may start to dream of summer vacation.  So let’s all make an effort to stay focused and end strong!  Parents please encourage your students to finish well.  Remember that all missing work can still be completed.  They can earn that A if they want to!

Here is our class schedule for next week:

10B2 Day 1
Bellwork: Do you think you have good communication skills? Why or why not?
Project: 9_ExploringAviationandAerospace_10_B_2_BuildingCommunicationSkills_StudentActivity

10B2 Day 2
Bellwork:What are some communication skills that you could work on?
Project:  Summative Assessment from 10_B_2 Presentation Slide 17

10C1 Day 1
Bellwork: NONE

10C1 Day 2

10C1 Day 3


I would love to hear any feedback or questions you or your student may have. Feel free to contact me via email at any time.

Thank you again for sharing your wonderful student with us this year,

Chris Newton
San Tan Charter High School