This Week in Aviation (April 19-23)

 In Intro to Aviation

Dear Parents and students,

I was very impressed with the designs and rational of the students’ Peep Odyssey Challenge.  They all successfully created habitats for their Mars-bound peeps that could easily handle the atmosphere of Mars.  This week we will continue looking at careers and technical education schools.  What do they want to do in the future?

Here is our class schedule for next week:

10A1 Day 2
Bellwork: Do you have any college or technical school plans?

10A2 Day 1
Bellwork: List all the careers in aviation or aerospace that you can think of.
Project:9_ExploringAviationandAerospace_10_A_2_InvestigatingEducationOptionsAfterHighSchool_StudentActivity  (2 days to complete this)

10A2 Day 2
Bellwork: What are the 4 paths to an aviation or aerospace career? Which one interests you the most?
Project:Finish 9_ExploringAviationandAerospace_10_A_2_InvestigatingEducationOptionsAfterHighSchool_StudentActivity  

10B1 Day 1
Bellwork: What is the difference between technical skills and professional skills?

10B1 Day 2
Bellwork: How would you define professional conduct?
Project: 9_LaunchingIntoAviation_10_B_1_ProfessionalSkillsConduct_StudentActivity3


I would love to hear any feedback or questions you or your student may have. Feel free to contact me via email at any time.

Thank you again for sharing your wonderful student with us this year,

Chris Newton
San Tan Charter High School