This Week in Biology (Nov 29 – Dec 3)

 In Biology, Scholars Prep Science - 7th Grade

Dear Parents and students,

It is time to be thankful for all that we have including our families and those we love.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

This next week we will continue working on the Science Fair and Stem Fest.  Students must choose their topic or Stem challenge and continue their research this week.  You can find all the information for the Science Fair and the Stem Fest here:

We will also start our unit on evolution.

Here is our class schedule for this week:

Finish Science Fair Background Research and Stem Festival Research (Due Tomorrow)

Notes and Practice: 5.6 Late Precambrian
Writing topic (200 words)
The theory of evolution claims that all life on earth evolved from one common ancestor. However, there are several scientists who call in to question the idea that all life evolved from one source.
One of the points of contention is the Precambrian period. Do we have any transitional fossils from before the precambrian period? Not many! Some people argue that the expected transitions between major invertebrate groups (phyla) are absent before the precambrian period. They suggest that the suddenness of the appearance of these life forms in the fossil record demonstrates that evolutionary explanations are not viable. What does your research suggest?

Notes and Practice 5.7 Paleozoic Era
Finish Science Fair Background Research

5.8 Mesozoic Era
Paleo Creature Lab
Choose a creature from either the Paleozoic or the Mesozoic era. Create an illustration which includes 10-20 facts about the creature and it’s environment. Make sure to include information about the ecosystem it lived in and the other creatures it lived with.

5.9 Cenozoic Era
Fossil Lab
Research the fossil your table chose. Split up into groups of 3 or 4. One person should create a powerpoint about the creature (4 slides minimum). One person should create a painting or detailed drawing of the creature in it’s natural environment. One person should write a poem or create a song or jingle about the creature. If you have 4 people, the 4th person has to act out a monologue about the internal reflections of the creature on any given day in it’s life. Your team will present about your creature next Monday.
If you are home based, research a fossil of your choice. Create a Powerpoint about this creature. (4 slides minimum)

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I would love to hear any feedback or questions you or your student may have.  Feel free to contact me via email at any time.

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